EUNIS Award for Best Overall AV-enabled Education Space 2024


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EUNIS Award for Best Overall AV-enabled Education Space

The EUNIS Award for Best Overall AV-enabled Education Space recognizes innovative use of audiovisual technology that results in positive results in registered higher education learning facilities, whether in classrooms for students and/or instructors or campus-wide. It celebrates great design where AV is an integral component of enabling education to take place in a given space or campus.  Both new build and re-fit are eligible, if the AV is included in the complete ideation of the space.  Design must take into consideration the intended use or uses of the space. The award covers physical and hybrid environments but not fully online learning.

How It Works


There will be 1 to 3 winners selected each year for best AV-enabled education space. Entries should fit within one of the below categories:

  • AV enabled classroom/group learning space
  • AV enabled lab/maker/specialist educational space
  • Non-classroom space (could include multifunction space, campus-wide AV uses, student centers, or other spaces where AV is enabling a learning atmosphere)

Judges may select a maximum of three winners from the submissions. Winners will receive a certificate and the opportunity to present their winning entry at the EUNIS annual conference in 2024.

  • EUNIS 2024 is planned as an in-person event.
  • In addition to the award(s) for the best AV-enabled space, unique items within the subcategories may be given honorable mentions and publicized by EUNIS and AVIXA.

Key Dates:

Entries Open: 15 December 2023

Entries Close: 19 February 2024

Winners Announced: March 2024

How to Enter:

  1. Complete the award Entry Form prior to the deadline of 19 February 2024.
  2. There is no fee to enter.
  3. See full rules, eligibility requirements, and entry guidelines following the Entry Form link below.

The Small Print:


The EUNIS Award 2024 is open to all organizations or individuals that work to create outcomes and solutions using audiovisual technologies in higher education facilities worldwide. All applicants must complete the online entry submission form. Make sure you include all of the information we ask for and demonstrate thoroughly how the innovative use of audiovisual technology created positive results in the space, was integral to the purpose of the space and supported learning. Please also ensure the information is formatted correctly, or it may not be put forward. Please note that you will be unable to complete your entry if you have not filled out the mandatory fields indicated by an asterisk * on the form.

Before submitting your entry, please make sure it is complete, including relevant supplementary information. It will not be possible to amend your entry or provide additional information once your entry has been submitted.

Eligibility and Confidentiality

To be eligible for consideration, applicable projects should have been completed within the last two academic years. Please make sure that your entry only contains evidence of activity that took place or completed during this period. Companies or individuals may submit entries on their own behalf, or on behalf of other individuals or organizations, including colleagues, industry peers, suppliers or clients. If submitting on someone else’s behalf, please ensure you have their permission to do so. The information in your entry will remain confidential. All of our judges are bound by non-disclosure agreements. By entering, the entrant is granting EUNIS and AVIXA permission to use all information (including but not limited to photos and videos) in marketing and communications vehicles that EUNIS and AVIXA deem appropriate.

Entry Form

You will receive confirmation of receipt once your entry has been successfully submitted.